Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sugar Facial, from my husband!

My husband is into the whole healthy eating, exercise, take-care-of-your-body thing. Last night he actually made and gave me a Sugar Facial! Isn't he awesome?


  • Small sponge (we took a big cleaning sponge and cut a small piece from it)
  • Your daily face-soap (to remove loose grime)
  • 1 teaspoon of Sugar (adds grainy-ness to help scrub, and conditions skin)
  • 1 teaspoon of Baking Powder


*Wash face as normal.
*Mix the teaspoon of sugar, and the teaspoon of Baking Powder in with two teaspoons of water.
*Dip sponge into mixture and gently work in small circles on and around forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Be cafeful to stay away from lips and eyes.
Use as often as you want, not exceeding three times a day.

The Mr. was so gentle and professional, I fealt like I was in a spa. Normally my skin is back to being it's oily self within a few hours after washing, but it felt clean all the way to mid-day today. After just one application, the red-ness in my cheeks has faded and it almost looked like I had foundation on.
Well... I'm off to make some more!

What are some of your favorite home-made beauty recipes?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Contest & PJ Pants!

The Contest...
Infarrantly Creative is holding a giveaway!
Click here to enter for your own Silouhette.

(Image from Infarrantly Creative)

Latest Project...

New pajama pants for our Princess Anastasia. I can't believe how unbelievably soft they are!
And they fray somethin' awful. It's a good thing I had to bring them in.

Next is a matching top!

For Nicolai...

I just LOVE these pants! The fabric is awesome and the color! Oh the color. It's a shame though because EVERYTHING I make comes out at least one size too small. I had to squeeze his little body into them while he squirmed and kicked and giggled.
And they were in the Fabric Remnants bin so I doubt they have any more left :(
Oh well. Lesson learned: 4 inch seam allowance from now on! At least I can now put in elastic without screwing up the entire project ;-)

Friday, November 19, 2010


In the four years that Mr.J and I have been together, the most decorating we have ever done is putting up a christmas tree. We don't even have pictures on the walls! So this weekend I'm setting up the frames and begging the Mr. to hang them.

Searching for garland, I found this, by Wee Folk Art
Oh how I wish we still had a mantle! Since we don't, I'll be lining the ceiling instead. Mabye I'll even get to make a few of her little Gnomes! And their Mini Stockings are just too cute! I'm deffinatly doing those stockings.

Next on my list though is finishing my two shirts, pajamas for both babies, and most importantly, Anastasias Christmas dress. I still have a full month to do it, but I've been working on this dress since I got the machine. I finally got the top part complete, but I can't wake her up to see if it fits. Red and gold = <3

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Pants, Pin Cushions, and More Milk!

We've moved, so I haven't had any time to practice sewing. I have finished a pair of pants and started a pin cushion that I'm very proud of.

      My Pin Cushion     
He's a cute wittle punkin!
At least, I think so. Mr.J. said he was "ugly".

(Tutorial Here)

The kids can't seem to leave him alone, so I'm going to make a few more just for them.
Making it toddler-safe ofcourse ;-)

     Nicolai's New Pants     
I've still got alot of work to do but I think they turned out really good, at least for being my fifth project.

     Anastasia's Screwed Up Pants     
Here are Anastasia's pants. They were done before I decided to make the waistband seperate and before I learned to sew completely straight, so they're headed for the trash.
We had just moved in, so she was enjoying the big open floor...

The shirt I talked about in my previous post has been lost. I'm heartbroken! I took it off to unpack a few boxes (the shirt is actually a sweater that was HOT) and when I went to put it back on it was gone! I'm guessing Mr.J. or my dad threw it out thinking it was part of whatever box I layed it on. I guess I'll have to make another... at least I can do it right this time ;-)

I've always wanted to try cloth diapering, but never did. I deffinatly will with our next baby! On that subject, disposable pads make me break out. Thankfully, I've been nursing for the past 15 months and haven't had a period. Since Nicolai is cutting out some of his feedings (full nights rest, here I come!), Aunt Flo is visiting again. Maybe I can actually make my own cloth pads! I'll be following this tutorial.

Speaking of nursing, has anyone here ever donated milk?
I have for the last time (with this baby I mean) this weekend. I have donated breast milk six times in the past 15 months. 1100oz, that's 8 1/2 gallons! Here are all the pictures I took before shipping...

That's nothing though. If I were pumping the first four months I could have easily trippled that number.
I once talked to a mommy that had donated 13 gallons worth of milk in the first three months. Amazing!

 Please excuse my typos. Did I mention my keyboard is broken?
A few keys are missing, and my space bar isn't working properly.
I guess I'll have to get it fixed in a few weeks >__>

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcoming Our New Addition

I am finally welcoming the newest addition to our family! The Brother SE-400.

Mr.J. was going to get me the cheapest version of this, but he decided to go in half with my dad and get me this one. I couldn't be happier! I've made two skirts for Anastasia and a shirt for me. The first skirt came out many inches too small and the second I forgot to make ruffles on the bottom. The shirt I made I messed up on the neck, but I still love it.
My first skirt. It's totally flawed, but it at least somewhat resembles a skirt.

Now to get some pictures of my shirt and to begin my beloved poncho!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Waiting. Just waiting.

I really cannot wait for these two weeks to pass. I'm so excited! I have so many projects I want to start and reading other blogs isn't helping. So far my favorite is Lil Blue Boo. Every post she makes is filled with inspiration! And isn't her daughter just a doll?
I want new skirts for Anastasia that don't look like they belong on a stripper (haha Walmart); my little man needs some clothes that are actually cute but not rooting for some team I've never heard of; and I want some drapes that are pretty, block the light, and doesn't cost $80.

I think Anna can sense my impatience. Here she is, dressing herself...

That morning, I folded two loads of laundry and put them in the basket then laid the little one down for a nap.
I came back into the livingroom to find this.

The pictures are terribly grainy, but that's what you get with low lighting and a $200 camera. I'll have you soon, my sweet!
We just bought her a new sheet. I haven't yet found the same one she had, the one that matches the bed skirt. That wont matter in two weeks though! As soon as I get my hands on some cute fabric, she's getting a total room make-over. Curtains, bed sheet, bed skirt, matching pillows, and maybe even rugs.

My sister-in-law says I'm getting ahead of myself. That may be true, but dreaming is the only way I can stay sane in this tiny little apartment with no one to talk to but two toddlers.

So anyway. Thanks for listening to my rambling. Maybe next time I'll actually have a project to post :D