Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Slice Of Life

My submission for I Heart Faces "Slice Of Life"

Anastasia Lillian J.
July 4th, 2008

Every photo I get of my children is candid.
So I run around with my camera around my neck ALL DAY trying to get just one good picture. This was it.
I was alittle suprised to find out that what I have been doing for the past two years actually has a name! "Lifestyle photography".
Sweet dreams, my princess. Mommy loves you!

I hope it looks as good on your monitor as it does mine!
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Reupholstery & Toddler Art

For Anastasias 2nd birthday, her uncle, aunt, grandma, and grandpa got her and Nicolai a table and chair set. This is what they did to it.
That big rip down the middle wasn't there, and it wasn't off the frame, I forgot to take a "Before" picture and I had already started taking it apart. But that top rip was there, so was all of the nasty food pieces (I clean it off twice a day), and the ink marks.
For three hours I unscrewed it, cleaned the wood, put the batting in, put new expensive fabric over top, pinned it down, and painstakenly screwed it back together. Hubby hurt his neck and couldn't help, so I did all by myself. Go me!
So this is what it looked like after all of my hard work.

Just look at the difference! Darn right I was proud of it!
Did you notice I said "was"? This is what she did to it, not even an hour later.
And don't say, "Well then you should hide the pens!"
BECAUSE I DO. The little brat has a stash of them somewhere, I swear!

On a happier note, I made a nursing pillow.
Tutorial coming soon <3

I love it! I wish I had one when my babies were newborns.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mama Wears The Pants In The Family

I really do. I tried the submissive wives thing, but I think we're more happier as family when I'm wearing the pants. In certain situations, I will take them off and let the hubby wear them for a while, but most of the time they're mine. Maybe it's because he likes to let our 2year old wear them.
Anyway. I have serious issues with clothes shopping. Nothing ever fits. Rarely is it ever too long (I like my clothes nice and long), and I usually walk out of the store with perfect pants every time. It's when they hit the washer and shrink that tiny 12% that the problems begin. Then they're much too short and squeeze me in places I don't want to be squeezed.
So, I made my first pair of pants, for myself! This has got to be the most comfortable article of clothing I have ever tried on. And the beauty of it? They costed $8. Walmart had "damaged" jersey-knit sheets on sale for $15, then on sale for $8. I have always wondered why anyone would hate working with knits, and I still have no clue. They don't fray, and are oh-so-comfortable!
Here they are.

Excuse my love-handles. And the fact that I hate ironing.
Ya know, these were SO much more easy to make than toddler pants? If you're like me and just starting out, I recommend making a few pairs of pants for yourself before you start baby, toddler, or kids pants. These took all of 20 minutes! Toddler pants can take me up to 45 minutes. Maybe it's that I actually had a cooperative model. No, I think it's just easier.
My favorite part about them is my white thread. I LOVE contrasting stitching. And it's the only color I had left...

I have a shirt in the making too. Along with countless other toddler projects >__>
I'll be embellishing them tomorrow. And searching Walmart for more sheets!

Coming soon...I'm making my son one of these, and my daughter a St.Patties Day skirt. Maybe I can convince the hubby that I need a Silhouette Machine when his tax return gets here.


What is your favorite material and things to make?
Do you like working with knits? Why or why not?
Are you hoping for some presents when the tax return comes in?

Much love to you and yours,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Vegas Sunset

Tonight I did something that I haven't done since I left Ohio when I was 18. I used to sit outside and it would re-set me. My mom would be screaming her head off at her boyfriend and my sister, and I would go for a late-night walk just to have some peace. Despite all the family chaos, I was very at peace back then. Now that I'm 21 and free from that life, it seems like my life is more chaotic. Tonight, my sick 2 1/2 year old asked me to tuck her in, so I did. Then I took the rocking chair and our sick 1 1/2 year old to the front porch and we watched the planes take off into the sunset. It was lovely. The first moment of peace I have felt in a long time.
When you're down with the stomach flu, and your two toddlers get it as well, and you haven't had a decent nights sleep in almost 3 years, and the past few days have been nothing but cleaning up the runs and throw up, go outside for a moment. Take a deep breath and just look to the sky. It helps :)