Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Presents and Pom Poms!

I just love easy to make decorations!
Dana at made posted a super-awesome-easy tutorial. As soon as I saw it I ran out and bought some yarn. It was an hour and a half trip, and the store is only 15 minutes away! Remind me not to go back to Walmart until Christmas is over.

I knew they would be easy, but I didn't know they would be THIS easy! I'm switching out our cheap little bows and putting these on our presents instead.

Christmas Pom Poms
I've made about... 13 of them. I had to make so many because the little ones kept running off with them. Nicolai wouldn't give me a moment of peace, following me around and pointing at the half-made pompoms and saying, "Num-num? Num-num, Mama?"

Half of them are in Anastasia's hair. They were meant for boxes or they'd be smaller :D
Here she is admiring herself in the mirror Grandpa got her for Christmas.


Excuse the mess... Talk to my husband.
I think she was trying to see what made her tongue tingle after she had some candy cane.

When you're low on funds and have barely any time to yourself, these are perfect.
They're quick and cheap! Each one took about 15 minutes.


I took pictures for a tutorial, but they're so easy I don't think anyone would even need it.
A close up...
For only sewing about a month, I think I did a pretty good job.

You'd think that for how long they've been doing this, Joann would have better shaped stockings. They were hideous! So I put in two quick lines of stitching and made it look like a real stocking.


Michaels was having a 60% off sale, so I bought a wreath and some pretty sparkly stuff
to go on it. I had to wrap some green yarn around the things to keep them in place.
Who knew it would be so hard to decorate a wreath? O,o


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