Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Decorations & Eeyore Pants

I have finally made a pair of pants that my kids can wear more than once! I figured out how to get my machine to make sturdier stitches and to keep fabric from fraying. The back waist-line is alittle low and from the knees up is alittle tight for my liking, but I'm just happy they fit  :D

I made Christmas decorations!
Two and then another for a tutorial I'm making. I wanted something simple, fast (everything I make has to be fast, seeing as I do it all during our 1 year olds nap time), and somewhat pretty. I love them! I know that no one but family reads my blogs, but if someone else is in my situation, maybe it will help. Also, you can totally tell I've only been sewing for two weeks, but in the right hands, this technique may yeild wonderful results :)

In three days, my camera will arrive in the mail!

I have wanted a DSLR for years. Since I still have to wait for one, I decided to beg the hubby to take advantage of the Black Friday camera sale and get the next best thing. After much hard work and persuasion, he gave in. I think it was also that he may have felt somewhat guilty for finally getting his dream TV... It's a 42" and we got it for something like $385. It's nice and the Mr. is crazy in love, so I'm happy.
 So until three days from now my pictures will continue to suck :D

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