Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, NV

The Springs Preserve in Las Vegas is having a special!
Adults get in for the price of children.
So instead of two adults costing $20, it only costs $10.
My husband and I went, and this is what I got with my "new" camera.

Birds Of Prey - Springs Preserve
This is Dharma. Isn't she gorgeous?

Gray Fox
A Gray Fox. I was lucky to get this picture!
Right after I snapped it, she layed her head down and refused to look back up.

Preserve Bunny!
One of the preserve bunnies.
I was on my belly taking this through the fence wire...

Lizards - Springs Preserve

A few lizards. Not too pretty, but they take nice pictures.

Genghis - Springs Preserve
Genghis - Springs Preserve

This is Genghis. He was my husbands favorite.
His wing span was somewhere around 6 feet, I believe.

Park Bench
I think this would have made a gorgeous family portrait.
No one was around to take the picture for me, and the tripod was in the car.
Maybe next time.

Twirly Things
I love these things. 
 have no clue what they are, but I love the way the light hits the twirly part.

Togetherness (Week 2 of 52)
All day I was searching for the perfect picture for Paint The Moon's 52 week project.
And I found it. "Togetherness" is this weeks theme.
You can join in at any time!

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