Monday, March 7, 2011

Reupholstery & Toddler Art

For Anastasias 2nd birthday, her uncle, aunt, grandma, and grandpa got her and Nicolai a table and chair set. This is what they did to it.
That big rip down the middle wasn't there, and it wasn't off the frame, I forgot to take a "Before" picture and I had already started taking it apart. But that top rip was there, so was all of the nasty food pieces (I clean it off twice a day), and the ink marks.
For three hours I unscrewed it, cleaned the wood, put the batting in, put new expensive fabric over top, pinned it down, and painstakenly screwed it back together. Hubby hurt his neck and couldn't help, so I did all by myself. Go me!
So this is what it looked like after all of my hard work.

Just look at the difference! Darn right I was proud of it!
Did you notice I said "was"? This is what she did to it, not even an hour later.
And don't say, "Well then you should hide the pens!"
BECAUSE I DO. The little brat has a stash of them somewhere, I swear!

On a happier note, I made a nursing pillow.
Tutorial coming soon <3

I love it! I wish I had one when my babies were newborns.

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