Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Pants, Pin Cushions, and More Milk!

We've moved, so I haven't had any time to practice sewing. I have finished a pair of pants and started a pin cushion that I'm very proud of.

      My Pin Cushion     
He's a cute wittle punkin!
At least, I think so. Mr.J. said he was "ugly".

(Tutorial Here)

The kids can't seem to leave him alone, so I'm going to make a few more just for them.
Making it toddler-safe ofcourse ;-)

     Nicolai's New Pants     
I've still got alot of work to do but I think they turned out really good, at least for being my fifth project.

     Anastasia's Screwed Up Pants     
Here are Anastasia's pants. They were done before I decided to make the waistband seperate and before I learned to sew completely straight, so they're headed for the trash.
We had just moved in, so she was enjoying the big open floor...

The shirt I talked about in my previous post has been lost. I'm heartbroken! I took it off to unpack a few boxes (the shirt is actually a sweater that was HOT) and when I went to put it back on it was gone! I'm guessing Mr.J. or my dad threw it out thinking it was part of whatever box I layed it on. I guess I'll have to make another... at least I can do it right this time ;-)

I've always wanted to try cloth diapering, but never did. I deffinatly will with our next baby! On that subject, disposable pads make me break out. Thankfully, I've been nursing for the past 15 months and haven't had a period. Since Nicolai is cutting out some of his feedings (full nights rest, here I come!), Aunt Flo is visiting again. Maybe I can actually make my own cloth pads! I'll be following this tutorial.

Speaking of nursing, has anyone here ever donated milk?
I have for the last time (with this baby I mean) this weekend. I have donated breast milk six times in the past 15 months. 1100oz, that's 8 1/2 gallons! Here are all the pictures I took before shipping...

That's nothing though. If I were pumping the first four months I could have easily trippled that number.
I once talked to a mommy that had donated 13 gallons worth of milk in the first three months. Amazing!

 Please excuse my typos. Did I mention my keyboard is broken?
A few keys are missing, and my space bar isn't working properly.
I guess I'll have to get it fixed in a few weeks >__>


  1. Hi, thank you for using my tutorial of pincushion.
    I think that he is cute.
    And your blog is full of interesting things.

  2. Thank you for posting it! It's the best, cutest tutorial I could find. My toddlers love them too ;)