Monday, November 1, 2010

Waiting. Just waiting.

I really cannot wait for these two weeks to pass. I'm so excited! I have so many projects I want to start and reading other blogs isn't helping. So far my favorite is Lil Blue Boo. Every post she makes is filled with inspiration! And isn't her daughter just a doll?
I want new skirts for Anastasia that don't look like they belong on a stripper (haha Walmart); my little man needs some clothes that are actually cute but not rooting for some team I've never heard of; and I want some drapes that are pretty, block the light, and doesn't cost $80.

I think Anna can sense my impatience. Here she is, dressing herself...

That morning, I folded two loads of laundry and put them in the basket then laid the little one down for a nap.
I came back into the livingroom to find this.

The pictures are terribly grainy, but that's what you get with low lighting and a $200 camera. I'll have you soon, my sweet!
We just bought her a new sheet. I haven't yet found the same one she had, the one that matches the bed skirt. That wont matter in two weeks though! As soon as I get my hands on some cute fabric, she's getting a total room make-over. Curtains, bed sheet, bed skirt, matching pillows, and maybe even rugs.

My sister-in-law says I'm getting ahead of myself. That may be true, but dreaming is the only way I can stay sane in this tiny little apartment with no one to talk to but two toddlers.

So anyway. Thanks for listening to my rambling. Maybe next time I'll actually have a project to post :D 

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